September Special: Half price Sub-Q (long-lasting) filler

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  • 13th September 2011

Enjoy an incredible half-price treatment of face volume restoration with Restylane Sub-Q injectable filler. Sub-Q is an injectable hyaluranon filler, specifically designed for replacing volume lost in the cheeks, jowls and chin area. It is the worlds most popular long-lasting filler, with a longevity of around 18 months. The procedure is performed in the office in less than an hour. This price represents a saving of $660 off a typical treatment. This offer is available to new and existing clients

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*This offer is valid until 30th November 2011. The offer is limited by appointment availability so please book early to avoid disappointment. The offer is for Sub-Q filler only and substitution with other hyaluronic acid filler types is not permitted. The offer is for a minimum (standard) volume of 2ml of product; however if you require further volume replacement, as assessed by the treating doctor at the time of consult, then further product used will be discounted at the same 50% reduction.  There is no limit on the volume that may be used in the single half-price treatment session. This offer can be used on a maximum of two occasions by the same patient in the offer period.

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